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Karma Dog Training: Board & Train


The Karma Dog Training Board and Train Program is offered in two distinct ways:

Our Traditional Board and Train Program and our Reverse Board and Train Program. "Traditional" Boarding and Training is where you send your dog to us. "Reverse" Board and Train is where we send our trainer to you. Each program comes with a free 10-minute FaceTime, Skype, or Phone session.

Here's how it works

Traditional Board and Train Program

Your dog will come and live in one of our trainer's homes and receive daily lessons. They will be trained inside, outside, around other dogs, at the park, etc. Between sessions your dog will receive exercise and socialization. We will not cage your pup under any circumstance unless specifically requested by you to do so.

We offer all different lengths of programs but our experience shows that no matter how long a dog stays and trains with us, without the proper follow through by the pet parents there will be no measurable short-term or long-term results. This is why we choose to work exclusively with pet parents who are 100% committed to participating in the FREE follow-up private training sessions and UNLIMITED group classes we provide with each program.

"Reverse" Board and Train Program

Dogs are what we refer to as “contextual learners,” they learn best in relation to their own environment. With our Reverse Board and Train program, your dog is learning in the environment where most of their "bad behavior" happens. As a result, the learning curve is shorter, results happen faster and your dog associates the pleasure of learning and growing to their natural environment.

We offer 2 different types of Reverse Board & Train programs: Day Only (Business Hours) or Day with Overnights (Vacation Option). In fact, you can be right there watching the entire time or you could not be there at all. It’s up to you!

which program is better for my dog?

Both programs are designed so that your dog's receives the best education we can offer with the goal of responding to YOU when the training is completed. Although our B & T programs are usually a one, two, three or four week programs, while are Reverse B & T programs are usually 5, 7, 10, 12 or 14 days, they can be customized to meet your individual scheduling needs so that if you are going on vacation or in the middle of moving we can try our best to accommodate you.

In addition, both programs are followed by FREE private in home sessions as well as unlimited FREE group classes for up to six months.

We also offer a FREE 10-minute FaceTime, Skype, or Phone session to see which program is best for you.

What exactly will my dog learn?


At the end of 3 weeks of traditional boarding and training or 10 days of reverse boarding and training, most dogs will have the level of education equivalent to dogs who graduate from our 7-week Basic Obedience Level 1 class.

Specifically, your dog will be taught what we call the 7 Requests for Success: "watch me", "stay", "come", "down", "loose leash walking", "leave it" and "go to your bed".

After the training has been completed, you too will also learn the 7 Requests for Success and how to integrate them into your dog's routine.

Basic household 'Manners", including potty training, jumping and teaching your dog to chew on appropriate bones and chew toys can also be addressed if agreed to at the free consultation. The free consultation is where we determine what's achievable and what's not - given your dog's history, previous training and the length of time we have your dog.

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a board and train program is knowing in advance that your dog will NOT come home with improved behavior until you, the pet parent, get educated as well. The truth of the matter is that clients who expect to see real improvement with their dogs behavior must be 100% committed to follow through on what we teach them after the board and train program is complete. This is not by accident. It's because dogs are "contextual" learners. Just because our trainer can get a result from your dog, that does NOT guarantee in any way that you too will also be able to elicit the new behaviors from your dog.

Simply put, your participation and involvement after the training is complete is absolutely critical for the short-term as well as long-term success of any board and train program.

This includes integrating in ALL of follow up instructions we give you which is absolutely necessary to keep the positive momentum of going.

In addition, taking part in all of the free private training sessions, including the unlimited group classes that come with each board and train program is absolutely essential. Without your participation, there will be no measurable results for you to enjoy - regardless of how long we have your dog for and regardless of much money you spend.

one, two, three or four weeks?


The dogs that are trained longer are almost always superior in their skills than dogs that are being trained for just one week. Of course, one week with us is better than no time at all.

But, if you are contemplating whether one, two, three or four weeks would be best, in most cases we will ONLY recommend the longer stay if you believe your dog can 100% handle the separation from you.

This is a huge consideration when choosing the right program for you and your dog. You must feel confident that your dog can easily handle the time away from you.

*If your dog suffers from any kind of Separation Anxiety while being away from you, the traditional board and train program is NOT the right fit for your dog.

With our "Reverse Board and Train" program, this is not an issue as your dog is being trained on their own home turf.

making the commitment to become the best parent possible to your dog.

Our "Board and Train" program will help your dog begin a path of learning and to link pleasure to learning . However, if your dog goes home to the same exact environment he or she came from, you will not see any measurable results from the training.

That's why the key to any success with our "Board and Train" programs is the family's willingness to learn to support the new behaviors and become the best pet parents possible. If the family is not 100% on board with being educated themselves, and investing the time necessary to implement the new strategies, guidelines and rituals, then your dog will revert right back to his or her original behaviors. There is no way around this simple fact.

That's precisely the reason why we offer FREE in-home follow up training sessions and FREE unlimited group classes for 6 months after the board and train program is completed.

Choosing our "Board and Train" program MUST come with the commitment from the family to practice what we teach you after the training is complete. The most critical time will be the first week after your dog returns home. That is when we schedule the 1st private in home lesson with you.

Not only that, upon completion of the program, you will also receive a unique "passcode" to the Karma Dog Training Educational Center. It's here where you can download all of the Karma Dog course materials that will support the teachings. This is a VERY important part of the process. It is during this initial time frame that we ask you to commit fully to learning everything you can from us including reviewing all of our course materials.

Our #1 goal is to empower and educate you on knowing exactly what it takes to keep your dog's progress going.

If you are up for the commitment, then our "Board and Train" program might be the right fit for you.

If our "Board and Train" does indeed sound like the right fit for you, please fill out our new client form on the Contact/Form page. (Subject to availability)

going on vacation? come home to a better trained dog!


Are you going on vacation soon? Would you love for your doggie to get some extra training while you're away? Do you wish your dog had a littler better recall? Respond better to "sit" and "down"? Walk a little better on leash?

Then Karma Dog Training’s "Board and Train" program might be the right for you. This is where your dog can enjoy daycare and boarding and also receive professional training during his or her stay.

Whether you have a dog in need of basic training or are simply looking to enrich the life of your well-trained dog while you're away, the "Board and Train" program will tailor your dog's experience to your needs and training goals.

Imagine, going on vacation and coming home to a dog who not only had a great time while you were away, but who is a little better-trained than when you left.

just looking for "boarding" only?


Karma Dog Training’s "Boarding" program is special because just like our Traditional Board and Train program, we ONLY board dogs in the comfort of our home, never in a store front or facility.

Our goal is to create a 100% cage free environment for your dog.

positive training only!


Karma Dog Training's "Board and Train" programs use ONLY positive reinforcement methods.

Some dog training companies who offer "Board and Train" will use anything it takes to get quick results including employing choke chains, pinch collars and shock collars. Karma Dog Training will NOT employ any kind of aversive training techniques NO MATTER WHAT.

In addition, all of our board and train programs are done in either our home or your home, never in a store front, facility or warehouse.

If the "Board and Train" option sounds like it's the right fit for you, please fill out our new client form on the Contact/Form page. (Subject to availability)

Vaccination records or "Titer" test results (the alternative to over-vaccinating your dog) may be requested.

Proof of flea treatment may also be requested (depending upon the season).